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Background Qmt3

Qmt Teknik AB was founded in Kalmar, Sweden in the 1980’s. Qmt Teknik’s business idea was initially to develop and manufacture medical gas systems for the hospital sector and accessories for laboratories. In order to streamline the operation, Qmt Teknik was divided into three different areas and three new units established: Qmt tech, Qmt care and Qmt science. This was a necessary change to expand internationally outside the Nordic countries where Qmt had already achieved a dominant position as the market leader.

Qmt tech’s focus on fixed medical systems has contributed to the development of new industry standards. Since Sweden joined EU in 1995, Qmt has been directly involved in the European standardization for health care and contributed to the new EU standards. Through a cross-fertilization of scientific and technical disciplines, co-operation with medical laboratories and industry requirements, the different business areas have emerged: fixed systems for the distribution for clean gases, liquids and other tasks for laboratories, the industry and hospitals.   Qmt care has the responsibility for supplying equipment to be installed in the patient room after the construction of a new building or unit. A complete understanding of the devices to be installed and connected in emergency operating rooms and other operating theatres from the fixed network to the patient is therefore crucial. Expertise knowledge and skills in gases, vacuums and support systems are central. Qmt care offers a variety of products, for example channels systems, dialysis pillars, support bars for patient lifting systems, oxygen therapy equipment, operating ceilings, media bridges, ceiling pendants, etc. As a total solution provider, Qmt care takes full responsibility for the integrated solution.   Qmt science supplies on OEM or sub-contractor basis components such as valves, pipes, inlet and outlet connectors, hoses, pressure regulators, and filters to the medical device industry. Solutions requiring Qmt’s science specialist competency and skills including orbital welding, manufacturing or assembling are often requested. Qmt science is recognized by the medical device industry for its long experience and unique know-how in medical applications and systems. Customer requests may vary from pure component supply to more complex solutions. Qmt science has been selected by the leading players in the medical device industry which confirms QMT science commitment in R&D.